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Shawn Hall


Shawn is the studio manager as well as one of the owners of Piety Street, along with being a visual artist. She takes care of the ins and outs and arounds. She’ll make you a deal, hook you up with whatever you need (accommodations, catering, rentals, tube socks…), and make you feel at home. Along with being our production coordinator (she can take care of the Union paperwork, too), she is also our in house cd designer. Sample below some of the things from one side of her brain:

Credited Project Coordination +


Marianne Faithfull/Horses and High Heels/Production CoordinatorSchtaerne5i/Project Coordinator
John Scofield/Piety Street/Production Coordinator
Gavin DeGraw/Cop Stop/Project Coordinator
Nils Landgren-Joe Sample/Creole Love Call/Project Coordinator
Dr. John/N’Awlinz: Dis Dat or d’Udda/Project Coordinator
Microsoft Global Briefing Conf/New Orleans/Event Coordinator

CD design +

Peter Stampfel/Dook of the Beatniks/CD design
Happy Talk Band/Starve a Fever/CD design
Mark Bingham/ Psalms of Vengeance/CD design, back cover photo
Screaming Gypsy Bandits/Back to Doghead/CD design, front & back cover paintings
Poems for New Orleans/Ed Sanders/North Atlantic Books/Book cover photo
The Herringbone Orchestra/Sea Witch/CD photos and design
The Happy Talk Band/THERE, there/CD design
Doug Trammell/Wave Origins/CD design
Charles Lawrence/Hindsight/CD design, front & back cover photos
Geanie Stout/Geanie Stout/Graphic design
The Happy Talk Band/Total Death Benefit/Cover Photo, graphic design, executive producer
Less Than Jake/Anthem/Illustration
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