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Mark Bingham

Mark Bingham: producer, arranger, musician, engineer, visionary, cook, he does it all!

(Artist/Release/Production Credit)

Alex McMurray/How To Be A Cannonball/Engineer, Mixing
Creative Forces/Engineer, Mixing
John Scofield/Piety Street/Producer, Clapping, Back Ground Vocals
Paul Sanchez and John Boutte/A Stew Called New Orleans/Engineer
We Landed on the Moon/These Little Wars/Mixing
Caroline Peyton/Intuition [Bonus Tracks]/Producer
Kermit Ruffins/Livin’ a Treme Life/Engineer
Caroline Peyton/Mock Up/Guitar, Gong, Vocals, Producer, Vibraslap
Ronnie Earl And The Broadcasters/Peace of Mind [Bonus Tracks]/Engineer
Scotty Barnhart/Say It Plain/Engineer

Tom McDermott & Connie Jones/Creole Nocturne/Engineer, Mixing
Nicholas Payton/Into the Blue/Engineer
James Singleton String Quartet/Gold Bug/Engineer, Mixing
Brother Tyrone/Mindbender/Engineer, Mixing
Dr. Michael White/Blue Crescent/ Producer, Engineer
Herringbone Orchestra/Sea Witch/Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Eric Lindell/Low on Cash, Rich in Love/ Engineer
Michael Ward/Continuum Engineer
Gradoux/Pronounced (Gra Doo)/ Engineer/Mixing
John Doheny and The Professors of Pleasure/Tulane University Faculty Quintet/Engineer, Mixing
The Clearing/ Engineer, Mixing
Little Freddie King/Messin’ Around tha House/Engineer Mixing
Various Artists/Red House 25: A Silver Anniversary Retrospective/Engineer
Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters/Soul Searchin’ [Bonus Tracks]/Engineer
Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters+Sugar Ray/Surrounded by Love [Bonus Tracks]/Engineer

Ed Sanders/Poems for New Orleans/Producer, Arranger, Banjo, Guitar
James Blood Ulmer/Bad Blood in the City: The Piety Street Sessions/ Engineer
Various Artists/City of Dreams: A Collection of New Orleans Music/ Digital Engineer
Tyler Perry’s Original Soundtrack/Daddy’s Little Girls/ Engineer
Dany Brillant/Histoire d’Un Amour/ Engineer
Dany Brillant/Viens Danser/ Engineer
The Happy Talk Band/ There, there/Producer, Engineer, Guitar, Background Vocals
Charles Lawrence/Hindsight/Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Banjo, Electric & 12 String Guitar
Jessie McBride/Next Generation/ Engineer,Mixing
Kelcy Mae/Times Compiled/ Vocals/Engineer,Mixing
Philip Manuel/PM/Engineer, Mixing
Gradoux/Pronounced (Gra Doo)/Engineer, Mixing
Rob Wagner Trio/Rob Wagner Trio/Engineer
Various Artists/Styled in Italy, Volume 2, Engineer
Collection of New Orleans Music/City of Dreams/Engineer
Ingrid Lucia & The Flying Neutrinos/ Don’t Stop/Engineer, Mixing

John Mooney/Big Ol’ Fiya/ Bass/Engineer
Eric Lindell/Change in the Weather/ Engineer/Mixing
Nils Landgren and Joe Sample/span>Creole Love Call/ Engineer
Dr. John/Mercernary/ Engineer
Jim McIntosh/Orleans to London/ Engineer
Jhelisa//Primitive Guide to Being There/ Engineer
Morning 40 Federation/Ticonderoga/ Guitar/Percussion/Piano/Vocals(bckgr)/Producer/Engineer/Mixing/Moog Bass/Guitar (12 String Acoustic)

All Get Out/ Engineer/Mixing
Tab Benoit//Voice of the Wetlands/Engineer
Dash Rip Rock/Recyclone/Engineer
Mark Dix/ Mixing
Mary Flower/ Engineer/Mixing
Christina Groth/ Engineer
The Interlopers/ Engineer/Mixing
Jhelisa/ Engineer
Eric Lindell/ Engineer
Little Freddie King /You Don’t Know What I Know Engineer,Mixing
John Mooney/ Big Ol’ Fiya/Engineer,Mixing
Naked Orchestra/ Engineer
No Identity/ Engineer/Mixing
Robert Wagner Trio/ Engineer
Various Artists/Our New Orleans: A Benefit Album for the Gulf Coast/ Producer,Mixing
Christian Winter/ Engineer

Andrew Baham/ Engineer,Mixing
Jonathan Battiste/ Engineer
Glenn Branca/Lesson No. 1/Producer
Dany Brillant/Jazz a la Nouvelle Orleans/Engineer
Brotherhood of Groove/BOG Style/Mixing
Diamon/ Upcoming release/Mixing
Charles Lawrence//Daylight Hours/Produce, Musician
Philip Manuel/Engineer, Mixing
Schatzy/Unraveling/Engineer, Mixing
Son Del Pontano/Engineer,Mixing
Robin Stine/Daydream Guitar/Producer
Storyville Stompers/A Brass Menagerie/Mixing
Doug Trammell Co-Produce/Engineer, Mixing
Michael Ward/Engineer
Jay Weigel/River May Cry/Engineer
Michael White/Dancing in the Sky Producer/Enginee, Mixing
Christian Winther/Blue Function/Engineer (live to 2 track)

Adult Toys/Adult Toys/Engineer, Mixing
Harold Battiste/ Mixing
Bleu Orleans/Engineer, Mixing
John Boutte & Uptown Okra/Engineer, Mixing
Lynn Drury & Bad Mayo/SPUN/Co-Producer, Engineer,Mixing
Esquizito/In a Sentimental Mood/Co-Producer, Engineer
Happy Talk Band/Total Death Benefit/Mixing
Terrence Higgins/Swamp Greas/Engineer
Kristy Kruger/Unauthorized Guide to the Human Anatomy/Mixing
Eric Lindell/Piety Street Sessions Engineer/Mixing
Jeremy Lions & the Deltabilly Boy/ Live at the Dragon’s Den/Co-Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Lil Jon(Chyna Whyte)/Part II[CD/DVD]/Engineer
Little Freddy King/ Engineer, Mixing
Jimmy Lohman/Storyville Engineer/Mixing
Madrona/Mama Nada/Mixing
Microsoft Global Briefing Conference, NOLA/Music Director,Guitar
New Orleans Klezmer All Stars/Borvis/Engineer, Mixing
Son Del Pantano/ Engineer, Mixing
Peter Stampfel/100 Songs Arranger/Engineer, Producer
Marc Stone/ Engineer
Strangebone/Strangebone @ His EZ Organ/ Engineer (live to 2 track)
Rob Wagner Trio/Running, Walking, Laughing, Crying/ Engineer,Mixing
Karin Williams/ Mixing
Zion Trinity/Eyes on Zion Producer/Engineer, Mix,Guitar
Various Artists/Crunk and Disorderly/Engineer
Various Artists/Crunk and Disorderly/[Clean] Engineer
Various Artists/New York Noise/Producer

Dr. Michael White/Jazz From the Soul of New Orleans/Engineer,Mixing
Naked on the Floor/Naked on the Floor/Engineer
John Sinclair and His Blues Scholars/Fattening Frogs for Snakes, Engineer, Associate Producer
Rob Wagner Trio/ Rob Wagner Trio/ Engineer/Mixing,Editing/Remixing

A Musical History of Hem/ Engineer
Doug Duffey/Rectified/Spirit/Guitar, Engineer
Mucho Gusto Cubanismo/Very Best of Cubanismo/ Producer, Engineer
Fredy Omar/Latin Party! In New Orleans/Producer,Engineer, Mixing
Jessica Radcliffe/Lisa Ekstrom/Martin/Beautiful Darkness: Celebrating the Winter/Engineer
Rob Wagner/Rob Wagner Trio/Engineer
Various Artists/New Prohibition:Various Artists/Rhythm, Vol. 1/Producer

Anniversary of a Jazz Legend: Original Dixieland Jazz Band/Engineer
Cubanismo,John Boutte,The Yockamo All Stars/Mardi Gras Mambo/Producer, Engineer, Vocals bckgr
The Dukes of Jazzard/Half-Gallon Nut/Engineer,Mixing
Martin Krusche/Friendship Pagoda/Engineer
Gary Lucas/Improve the Shining Hour/Producer
Robert Morre/Serve You, Maam? Engineer
Fredy Omar/Desde Nueva Orleans/Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Various Artists/As Long as You’re Living Yours:The Music of Keith Jarrett/Engineer
Various Artists/Tipitina’s In Person/Engineer, Editing

Jimmy Bosch/Salsa Dura Engineer/Mixing/producer
Jeremy Lyons and the Deltabilly Boys/ Count Your ChickenBefore They Hatch/ Producer, Engineer, Mastering

Edward Anderson/Fertile Crescent/Engineer
Blu Lu Barker/Live at New Orleans Jazz Festival/Engineer
Dash Rip Rock/Paydirt/Engineer, Mixing
Benny Grunch & Bunch/12 Yats of Christmas:Tenth AnniversaryIssue #3/Engineer
Imposters Original Soundtrack/Engineer
Smokey Johnson/It Ain’t My Fault Producer
The Yackamo All-Stars/Dew Drop Out /Guitar(Electric), Tambourine,  Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Various Artists/Jazz: Language of N.O., Vol. 2/ Producer
Various Artists/Modern New Orleans Masters/ Engineer
Various Artists/Zydeco Barnyard/ Engineer

Andy J. Forest/Blue Orleans/ Engineer, Mixing
Astral Project/Astral Project/ Engineer
Soul Bossa Trio/In Native /Engineer
Glenn Branca/Songs ’77-’79/ Producer
Km Fox/Moon Hut /Guitar, Arranger
The Rebirth Brass Band/We Come To Party /Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Mem Shannon/2nd Blues Album Bass/Producer,Engineer,Mixing
Johnny Vidacovich/Mystery Street/Mixing
Various Artists/Zydeco Dance Hall/Engineer

Harold Battiste/Next Generation/Engineer
Andrei Codrescu/Valley of Christmas /Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Drums, Loops, Arranger, Producer, Engineer
Evil Nurse Sheila/Evil Nurse Sheila/Pre-Mastering
Andy J. Forest & Kenny Holladay/Hogshead Cheese/Engineer, Mixing
Wycliffe Gordon/Bone Structure /Engineer (live to 2 track)
Spider John Koerner/Stargeezer/Engineer
Leroy Jones/Props for Pops/ Engineer
Tim Laughlin/Blue Orleans /Engineer, Mastering, Mixing
New Orleans Klezmer All Stars/Manichalfwitz /Engineer, Mixing
Anders Osbourne/Break the Chain/Technical Assistance
Various Artists/World Christmas /Producer, Engineer, Mixing

Wessell Anderson/Ways of Warmdaddy /Engineer
Phillip Degruy/Innuendo out the Other /Engineer,Mastering
Mike Mainieri/Come Together: Guitar Tribute to the Beatles, Vol. 2 /Mastering, Sequencing
Mem Shannon/Cab Drivers Blues/ Producer, Engineer, Editing
Mx-80/Hard Attack & Big Hits /Producer
The Pfister Sisters/New Orleans /Sequencing,Editing
George Porter Jr. & Runnin Pardners/Things Ain’t What They Used to Be: live from N.O. /Engineer, Mastering

Allen Ginsberg/Holy Soul Jelly Roll: Poems & Songs /Guitar
Tim Laughlin & Fisher/New Orleans Swing /Editing
Steve Masakowski/Direct Axecess /Engineer, Mixing
MX-80 Sound/Out of Control /Producer
Charmaine Neville Band/It’s About Time /Producer, Engineer

Various Artists/State of the Union /Engineer
Various Artists/Black Top Blues-A-Rama,Vol. 7: Live at Tipitina’s /Engineer

Roy Orbison/King of Hearts /Engineer
Various Artiss/Black Top Blues-A-Rama,Vol. 6: Live at Tipitina’s /Engineer
Various Artists/Stomp Down Zydeco/ Engineer
Various Artists/Mardi Gras Indians: Super Sunday Showdown/Engineer

Rebirth Brass Band/Rebirth: Kickin it Live /Engineer
R.E.M./Out of Time /Horn Arrangements, StringArrangements
Various Artists/Black Top Blues-A-Rama. Vol. 5 /Engineer
Various Artists/Black Top Blues-A-Rama, Vol. 3 /Engineer

Flat Duo Jets/Flat Duo Jets /Producer, Engineer
John Mooney/Late Last Night /Producer, Engineer, Mixing
MX-80/Love Boat /Producer, Engineer
Hubert Sumlin/Healing Feeling /Engineer

Mark Bingham/I Passed for Human /Arranger, Producer
Boogie Bill Webb/Drinkin’ & Stinkin’/Engineer
Various Artists/Zydeco Live!, Vol. 2 /Engineer
Various Artists/Stay Awake: Interpretations of Vintage Disney Films /Performer, Guitar (Acoustic), Banjo

Allen Ginsberg/The Lion For Real/Arrange, Guitar, Ukelele
Various Artists/Black Top Blues-A-Rama, Vol. 2 /Engineer
Various Artists/Black Top Blues-A-Rama, Vol. 1 /Engineer

Various Artists/Lost in the Stars: The Music of Kurt Weil /Arranger, Performer, Guitar

Various Artists/That’s the Way I Feel Now: A Tribute Thelonius Monk/Guitar

Various Artist/Just Another Asshole #5 /Performer

Glenn Branca/Lesson No. 1 /Producer
John Scofield/Bar Talk/ Producer/Assistant Engineer

John Scofield/Who’s Who?/ Producer

Caroline Payton/Intuition/ Musician