PC story 2007

the moon was amazing, near full over the gulf.
How can something we see so often remain so compelling ?
the beach water is 88 degrees.
got in about 6:45 after a meandering drive from NO.
D had a bushel of oysters. He shucks faster than you can get them prepared and down the hatch. There was so much liquid in these oysters, gets all over you when you eat them. yum.

ate many saltines and more horseradish than at a seder.
D’s neighbor S brought a bottle of Crown Royal- with the cute little bag.
no, I didn’t drink any.
D drank some, says he’s slipped a bit in the last week, after a month or so clean..clean if you consider gobs of klonapin clean but after his post k coke binge ended, he had worse panic attacks than the next guy in line at Dachau, so clean is relative, as always.

D smoked a bunch of cigarettes, too. He had said he quit.
S the neighbor got shit faced on crown and sprite.
His wife and daughter came over. they were nice. Wife was stunning, especially for the Redneck Riviera- 41 and still wearing Barbie aerobic dress  with matching teen daughter. It worked for her. Her sister was visiting and they went off to play Scrabble.

Then M came over (the Coast Guard guy I gave the 69ing frogs to for a wedding gift – the marriage lasted 2 months-he still has the frogs)
and they wanted to eat, so we went to a sports/karaoke bar .
D sang “right place, wrong time”.
7 year old girls sang Amazing Grace, reading the words off the screen- at least     they could read but why were they in a bar at 9:30?
while their parents applauded ? PC is a Christian town all the way.
the bar was loud and I felt panic coming on. went outside and watched baseball on the patio. People smoked on the patio. I reached for the ativan.
a few more friends of D arrived and they ate wings and fries. Wings confuse me.

I had a salad and a near sushi grilled tuna sandwich.
better slow down on the tuna, as my mercury levels might be getting bad.
I begged to leave, so we did but they all wanted a real liquor drink… the sports bar was beer only and I had a freaking 32 oz coke, which is probably why I’m still awake …
so we went to a strip mall bar/liquor store- on the way home, at least -and they drank  at an outside table, looking up at highrises in progress.
Inside were many odd creatures , yakking away, drinking Jaeger-bombs. The place was a bright as an interrogation room. I checked out their wine selection and they had maybe 2 drinkable bottles !  Lots of boones farm.

D’s scene is like high school only they are all in their 30’s.
It appears that it’s something of a big deal to his friends for me to be here and they have things planned, but I told them I just needed to rest.
Still, I might go out in a boat and snorkel in 30′ water and spear fish. Not if they are drinking !

PC seems like atlantic city, transient, drunk, lots of meth kids,  ex-soviet and Czech girls on bikes, endless tacky souvenir stands and
miles of high rise condos and hotels in progress.
While outside the liquor place, a hooker in short shorts and see through mesh stockings with a halter top, was on her cel phone, having trouble connecting with her john. We had watched the guy drive up 3 times looking for the rendezvous.
She had a new Suburban with a baby seat in the back .
D’s friends were actually calling out to her, considered her attractive.  she was grotty. More make up than a network anchor and she’d already bleached her hair so much she’ll have that crazy balding part you see in 50 something gals who have gone ballistic with the hair alterations in their youth.
Not a great look…
I got that awful olfactory remembrance of spandex and vaginal deodorant- 30 years away from working at The Spa and I can still well up the smell of a working girl, though I wasn’t close enough to her for an actual whiff. Thank the universe for small favors.

we got home around 11, late for me . S wouldn’t leave, kept drinking and was belligerent. He kept being very physical with us, hugs followed by pushes and attempted head locks. I hid in my room for a while. D slipped  a klonapin in S’s beer. S passed out fast. We watched a bit of Iron Chef America while S groaned on the floor.
Eventually we woke him up to try to get him home- it wasn’t easy – he’s a huge guy.  S chased me with menace then attacked D in true fighting style , so D got a shoulder under him and flipped him over a couch.  Steve cracked his head on the floor and passed out again. Sumo drunks. He stayed out for a while.
At 12:30 , D got him up and out the door and walked him home in stagger step. Seemed like 3am. How’d I get those bruises ?

Saw S’s wife at the beach in the AM. she said “you guys had a late night.”
S didn’t remember anything past eating oysters and drinking crown and he wondered why he was so sore.
He did not recall his violent acts and we didn’t tell him that D kicked his ass.
That afternoon I did make it out in the boat and 2 dolphins came up as we idled a mile off shore.. never been on the ocean in a boat, never seen a dolphin.
I guess that makes my mini vacation a rousing success.