off beat article

how odd that I would agree to do a story and yet, the editors decide to
contentious ?  Ironic ? hostile?  funny (as in ha ha funny)?

who knows ?  If I didn’t care, why would I have done the article?
Am I that damn cool ?
I agree with Ray Davies … everybody’s in show biz, from me to the Chee Wees to Drew Brees to Albert Ayler’s ghost.
Off beat is People mag for a small sub set of humanity. God bless em for carrying on, in the face of dwindling advertising and their own self destructively stubborn ways .

John Swenson knows our world, a he’s a real writer, thus I say yes to a story. I trust him.

Anyhow, they’re right, it’s no big deal to be on a mag cover.
Now if I had been on Mad magazine in the 60’s, I’d be proud.
But, the cover of Off Beat is not really a big deal.
Perhaps my inclusion is an indication of an expanding view of NO music.
I thought so until I read the piece and realized that although John Swenson spoke to me at length about music and the music I was releasing, the piece is basically the “White Boy Button Pusher” story, the weird guy, the outsider, the school of hard knocks and somehow assumes that Piety Street is a success.

Success ?  Let’s take all the success cliches and put them in a pot and reduce them to a coq au vin style sauce and pour it all over our lives.
Ooo-eee. fact is, I live hand to mouth, month to month. This is not a complaint, this is life. I work hard to keep my kids in school, in food,
in vehicles and insurance and there’s very little left .
The good news is that this will not go on too much longer. Either I will drop dead or my kids will get done with school and venture out.
Plus, it costs plenty to keep a joint like Piety going. There is an extended family. So, I work. I like to work. Music as work is fine.

Anyhow, a few things:  It was Howard Cosell who judged a band battle (along with Elektra art director William S. Harvey and DJ Cousin Bruce Morrow).
Not sure where john got Ed Macmahon from.

The periwinkle pasta was so awful I threw it out.

What else. I do live in the studio, not in the house across the street.
Used to, dont anymore.

Anyhow, I wouldn’t mind if someone checked out the music I’m releasing.
making more all the time. I falsely assumed that by giving John Swenson all that music, it might be listened to, checked out and so forth.
John hurt his leg and had to go to NY for medical services (NO is not exactly the Mayo Clinic these days, the mayonnaise clinic, maybe) so we had to cut it short and do phone interviews.

So, the musician angle was not to be. can’t expect too much respect all at once.
I’m fine with being a producer, who cares what people say about you anyhow?

The music will be available on this web site asap, as well as on I-tunes,
seedy baby and assorted digital vendors. There’s a bunch of stuff that’s free. Use it for soundtracks, do what you want with it.. just let me know if you use it and give me credit.

Off to see Phil Degruy…

MB 10:24 p.m.  8/28/09  new orleans