mark’s happy talk band set up sept 6-9 2009

Happy talk band sept 6-9 Piety A room
w/ wesley Fontenot/engineer aaron Hill/assistant eng eric cusimano/assistant to wes and aaron
using analog tape at 30 ips (old GP9) and transferring good takes to PT HD at 24/96

the basic set-up.

LUKE: glass iso
1. nylon or taylor steel w/ retrospec DI
2. merc 57/windscreen – great river/1176
we added a nakamichi 3 head cassette deck for tape echo on Luke’s voice.
we have 2 more 3 head cassette decks to gang for more Tape echo , along with an Otari 1/2″ machine.

the vox mic was changed to a Charter Oaks thru the same chain.

ALEX: Concert Amp/wall Louisa wall facing control room/gobo
3. royer; chaNDLER/neve comp 2.1 100
4. at-25 ; top neve
this changed to facing the amp toward Royal st. with baffles.
barely touch the compressor

BAILEY: Casey’s Champ or some small amp/ Control room wall facing Louisa/gobo
5. Royer/ btm neve/ neve comp 2.1 100

this changed to Eric Cusimano’s 64 Champ amp or the Orange head and a 4/10 bottom. The royer didn’t make it for bailey so we went with a Sennheiser 409 and an Audix D3. This was re-aimed at Rpyal street with some baffles.

MIKE: Drums- center room btwn control windows
6/7T/S Coles API/distressors very light 2.1 attack 8 release 3
8. snare 57 – API- daking comp – very light comp only moving when he whacks it..
9. kick 195 – API/ dbx 160 (we axed the 160- no comp on the kick- analog tape took care of it)
11/12 Royer Stereo in front of kit – Portico
the Royer stereo ended up over the kit
We took my recently acquired PENTRON 4×1 mixer and added an Audix d6 on the bass drum, beyer 88’s on the toms and an Audix I-5 on the shell of the snare and mixed all that to mono via an Aguilar DI and a Chandler mic pre.
we also added a Neumann KM-84 as a ride cymbal mic. barely used

PIANO opens to Louisa wall/Casey faces glass iso
pick mics for isolation and unique sound, maybe an under mic ?
SM-7 ? inside with lid closed ? copperphone ? 441 ? john’s piano mic?
piano/all PORTICO
lo filter @ 100.

wurli/ DI and Music man in iso 1/ 57/1176 UA-610
Organ leslie in iso 1 Coles 2′ back btm neve
set up organ and wurli so everyone can still see Luke in glass iso.

Casey ended up doing Wurli on the basics and using his Vox ac-30 and an avalon DI. We will do the 2 piano songs when the piano is in tune. We have the upright in the iso with a Blue Bottle 6′ off the floor and centered around middle c about 9″ from the back wood.

ended up with piano as a room mic by putting a concrete block on the sus pedal and taping down keys in whatever key the song was in. put an omni mic (not sure the brand) on the metal inside the piano.

STEVE: amp behind Mike. DI / Robbie/La-2a plus 44 on amp/ btm neve
bassman 135 head with 4 x 10″ ampeg bottom.
maybe some upright in small iso w/ charter oaks or bottle.

It got too loud in the room so we moved the amp to an iso. Steve had to change basses and we switched him to an Avalon DI.