What Else we do:

The good folks at Piety Street have considerable experience in many aspects of the music biz and related fields. In light of this experience, we offer other services.

Project Coordination:
Recording projects often require one person to be involved in the planning and detailing of every facet of the project from transportation, housing, musicians, studios, union contracts, tape, to food. Shawn Hall has this experience, having recently been the credited project coordinator for the Dr. John “dis dat ‘n’ da udder” CD.

Mark Bingham produces all levels of artists. According to him, a producer does this:

John Fischbach would have a very different list. His production is based upon producing the very best artists, and recording them under the best possible conditions, with the best available equipment. If that's you, John is the best.

Music Direction:
Television shows often need someone to oversee the musical end of things. While there’s not a lot of call for this in New Orleans, Mark Bingham has done this job for HBO (the 26 show series Encyclopedia) and Microsoft (contracting and performing for the 2003 Global Convention).

Arranging, Composing, Scoring, Tracks and Beats:
While New Orleans is not exactly the hotbed of music for film and television, given the opportunity, it is certainly possible to compete with LA, NY and Nashville. Over a 20-year period, Mark Bingham has arranged for:
Kim Fox (DreamWorks cd “Moon Hut”)
Allen Ginsberg (Island cd “The Lion For Real”
REM (WB cd “Out Of Time”) GRAMMY WINNER 1992
James Taylor (A+M cd “Stay Awake”)
Yma Sumac (A+M cd “Stay Awake”)
There have also been a number of songs in films, PBS documentaries and for theatre. Check BMI if you want to see all the songs! Mark also likes to make tracks and beats but no one ever asks him to do it.

Shawn Hall is a terrific designer, even though she’ll tell you she’s a painter first. That’s true, but her design work is remarkable. Look under CD design and also check out her stuff @ www.shawnhall.com.

Piety Street has hosted many live radio events with artists such as Lenny Kravitz,
Toby Lightman, and Switchfoot. The space also is conducive to parties. Piety has hosted the Tape-Op convention opening party; a Valid Records concert/party during Jazzfest 2004 and the NO film festival wrap party in 2002. Live in the studio with audience recordings have been done successfully as well, most recently with Juan Carlos Formell in October of 2004.