mastering nov 22 2010

Mastering recorded music is one of those areas of human endeavor that defy logic. It is speculative , often spurious and and without a doubt subjective. Yet, the best mastering people keep getting calls year after year, through trends and changes in the biz, the gear and the way music is made and recorded. With… Read More

Halloween 2010/ Marianne Faithfull set up

I waste much good material on facebook. maybe FB is good for practcing to be succinct in presently largely pointless material culled from day to day stiff stuff. Meanwhile I bask in the glory of finishing mixing the new marianne faithfull record. Thanks to hal and Marianne and Francois and Shawn and rachel and everyone… Read More

Why Are we building such a big ship SET UP

Drums bass drum jolly ape/w/ windscreen ROBBIE snare 57 WUNDER /daking compressor OH coles Chandler/distressor OH coles Chandler/ distressor Bass        RCA 44 Great River/ LA 2a Accordion   stereo royer Top neve fr horn     aea 84 all bottom neve bari        horn aea 84 trumpet     aea 840 needs phantom soprano     royer 121 up and low room mics  … Read More

johnaye kendrick set up

Johnaye Kendrick  July 9/10  2010 Drums (geoff Clapp)  in glass iso  top neves except 44 44   bass drum  –  wunder 149   sn/hh tlm 170  snare /pad km-84s padded on toms ( 2 ) woodpeckers over heads  (2) in big room Bass (David Pulphus) dragonfly-fingers          bottom neve royer stereo  front     bottom neve Piano (Meghan Swarz) (cover)… Read More

the book

For everyone who asks me about “the book”… well, it’s in progress.

mark’s happy talk band set up sept 6-9 2009

Happy talk band sept 6-9 Piety A room w/ wesley Fontenot/engineer aaron Hill/assistant eng eric cusimano/assistant to wes and aaron using analog tape at 30 ips (old GP9) and transferring good takes to PT HD at 24/96 the basic set-up. LUKE: glass iso 1. nylon or taylor steel w/ retrospec DI 2. merc 57/windscreen –… Read More


7200′ feet plays a bit rough when you are used to sea level. after a hiking yesterday up to 8000′ and getting a massage, I figured I’d be ok. but no.  today I was energyless, resting all day and looking forward to getting back to sea level. took some chlorophyll. All the days’ plans cancelled…. Read More

off beat article

how odd that I would agree to do a story and yet, the editors decide to be: contentious ?  Ironic ? hostile?  funny (as in ha ha funny)? who knows ?  If I didn’t care, why would I have done the article? Am I that damn cool ? I agree with Ray Davies … everybody’s… Read More

Peter Stampfel’s Notes for Dook Of The Beatniks

Big Slop Buckets/ Peter Stampfel   In the 60s I read a William Burroughs book in which he ranted about dumb American desires, including “love love love in big slop buckets.” Now there, I thought, is a song. Antonia and I tried writing it in the 60s, but it ended up a throwaway.   Took me… Read More

PC story 2007

the moon was amazing, near full over the gulf. How can something we see so often remain so compelling ? the beach water is 88 degrees. got in about 6:45 after a meandering drive from NO. D had a bushel of oysters. He shucks faster than you can get them prepared and down the hatch…. Read More

shrimp and tasso pasta

As I was making this I had to run out to get something. On the way back I saw a crack ho on St. Claude, walking in that determined but going nowhere step that involves twitches, head turning, quick stops followed by quick starts and frequent looking back. She could have used a good meal… Read More

guide for hip hop hopefuls (circa 1995)

Do you have a track? Stereo or multi-track ? If you do, how long is it ? Are there any drops in the track? Do you want to add any sounds to the track? If you don’t, how do you want to get a track done? Do you know your raps? Do you have them… Read More

Recipe 61009

we are mixing so I didnt have time to do an all out dinner. brown rice, salad and some non sleep inducing stew seems good. 1/2 cup EVO 2 restaurant pats of butter 12 baby eggplants – peeled 4 LA white squash 4 yellow squash 2 zucchini 1 jalepeno 1 red sweet pepper 1 bunch… Read More

My dinner with george july 2004

My Dinner With George (the Dream Is Over) 8/4/04   Neebish Island Mi In the last year I have become irrevocably middle aged. I know that numbers mean little yet this was a bigger year for change than 40 or 50 had been. This becoming was not the sort of change of life I was… Read More

mic Rant

August 19, 2009  New Orleans microphones. seems like I spend too much time mulling over mics and their day to day use. I see so many engineers and producers come and go. work at Piety for a day or a week or a month. They all use different mics and  mic techniques. Sooner or later… Read More

green Gumbo

slow cook green gumbo (gumbo Z’herbes) a tag team recipe from Mark Bingham and Tanner Menard (actual cajun) this is a “fusion” gumbo… still a gumbo, but with many asian ingredients. The spirit of gumbo is using locally available ingredients. this gumbo is obviously a gumbo but Louisiana people will say “that’s different”. I like… Read More