7200′ feet plays a bit rough when you are used to sea level.
after a hiking yesterday up to 8000′ and getting a massage, I figured I’d be ok.
but no.  today I was energyless, resting all day and looking forward to getting back to sea level. took some chlorophyll. All the days’ plans cancelled. Rested at SFAI.
I remember a comical trip to Boulder. After a bad travel day of late planes , plans stuck on run ways and bad weather plus little sleep, I thought to work out right away.

This didnt seem to help. After a mastering session, it was time for the 10 mile bike ride.. what I didn’t know was
that it was straight up and down on dirt trails, some of it hard a wash boarded and eventually back on roads.
I took up the rear and was dragging in 10 minutes after everyone else.  Then it was a few beers.

Then it was time to go to Red Rocks to see Big Head Todd. I never got Big Head Todd or the Monsters but that’s what waqs on the agenda so we drove… we were late and the parking lot was full. we parked almost a mile from the venue- straight up.. I was walking so slow… missed the opening act and barely made it in.. went backstage and immediately went to sleep on the side of the stage, not too loud there. eventually, got up and walked back to the car and went to sleep on the hood until the show was over.

watch out for altitude.