Piety Street [Files and Archaic Media] is a new label dedicated to releasing music from New Orleans and beyond and is based at Piety Street Recording in New Orleans “one of the last great studios standing.” Featuring the music of our own Mark Bingham and a collection of artists that he and his team meticulously records and supports, PFAM is a vehicle for music that deserves to be heard in a world where the music industry is changing and shifting on a day to day basis. We provide the best of both worlds, music recorded under the best conditions by world class engineers and producers with a twenty first century approach to “getting the music out there.” Printing limited edition CD’s with great art by painter and designer Shawn Hall and the highest quality production we are a portal into a world of music that tells a story about a great city, a great studio and great artists. Speaking of artists, our expanding catalogue is already full of some of the most compelling voices from the Screaming Gypsy Bandits to Happy Talk Band to Peter Stampfel to Herringbone Orchestra to the cutting edge solo works of Mark Bingham.

We are currently looking to expand our roster with artists who know how to market their own music and who have a track record for musical excellence and sonic originality. Our deal is simple and geared towards supporting artists. We produce your albums with engineers such as Mark Bingham (REM ‘Out of Time’), John Fischbach (Stevie Wonder ‘Songs in the Key of Life’) and Wesley Fontenot (Better than Ezra) and let you keep the publishing. Once we have payed off your studio time and the cost of manufacturing and distributing your work, we maintain a 50/50 split on all sales. Here is what we aren’t, a traditional label that sets up tours, pays for massive publicity, makes you famous for a year and then runs off with all the money in the end. Here is what we ARE, a small independent label that produces the best sounding CD’s for artists who want to partner with the label in making sales, getting the name of the label ‘out there’ and who positions the artist take their work as far as they are willing to help us get it there.

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