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Peter Stampfel — You Must Remember This


Halloween 2010/ Marianne Faithfull set up

I waste much good material on facebook. maybe FB is good for practcing to be succinct in presently largely pointless material culled from day to day stiff stuff. Meanwhile I bask in the glory of finishing mixing the new marianne faithfull record. Thanks to hal and Marianne and Francois and Shawn and rachel and everyone else who hooked it up.

Marianne Faithful set up Sept 8 2010 Piety

Glass Iso: MF SM-7/bottom neve/1176


Carol/piety side facing royal – Bottle/421 Chandler/neve comp

Doug/ Louisa side facing Royal. Bottle/57 top neves

bass drum SD195 pad wunder
Sn Neumann 170 pad top neve/daking comp
kit Neumann 149 top neve
(front) royer stereo API (2)
top/side Coles API (2)
high over Senn 441 Daking/daking comp
floor aea a 84 bottom neves

Small ISO:
George – Amp – RCA44- Great River
DI – aguilar/Neve/ LA-2a
Bob Piano: (2) AKG 451 top neves
woodpecker under top neves

Bob Organ: (2) Royer 121 Porticos

acoustic guitars Doug / U-47/KM-84/DI
Congas/Tamb/shaker -Anthony Royer Stereo
MF vox – SM- 7
Jenni/Doug/Carol BGV SD 195/SD PTM/ SM-7
Cello and Violin / AEA 84 close/royer stereo room
mandolin – km-84
Banjo – DI/royer 121