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Why Are we building such a big ship SET UP


bass drum jolly ape/w/ windscreen ROBBIE
snare 57 WUNDER /daking compressor
OH coles Chandler/distressor
OH coles Chandler/ distressor

Bass        RCA 44 Great River/ LA 2a

Accordion   stereo royer Top neve

fr horn     aea 84 all bottom neve

bari        horn aea 84

trumpet     aea 840 needs phantom

soprano     royer 121 up and low

room mics   4 km 84 thru porticos

johnaye kendrick set up

Johnaye Kendrick  July 9/10  2010

Drums (geoff Clapp)  in glass iso  top neves except 44

44   bass drum  –  wunder
149   sn/hh
tlm 170  snare /pad
km-84s padded on toms ( 2 )
woodpeckers over heads  (2)

in big room

Bass (David Pulphus)
dragonfly-fingers          bottom neve
royer stereo  front     bottom neve

Piano (Meghan Swarz) (cover)
km 86 (2)  Portico  / night pro EQ
460 (2)  in wood holes   (UA)

trumpet (nicholas payton)
aea84/195   great river/robbie

talkback for  big  room and drum room

Vocal (Johnaye)   (mic shoot out)

soundeluxe PTM/bottom neve /1176

violin/viola  – royer stereo